Buy the best practice tutorial: How to Get the First Clients for Your Service Just for 12$

  • video tutorial on how to start selling your service

  • you will easily find your first paying clients


  • practical steps proven by me and my clients

  • applying this process will guarantee you visibility, paying clients, feedbacks and referrals

  • 25 minutes full of clear information, experience, techniques and inspiration – no unnecessary fluff

The manual is now just for 12$

Testimonial for this tutorial:

„So I bought a great video tutorial from Lucie Dedkova.
And it totally blew me away.
I sat down to it when I wasn´t quite in the mood, but I wanted to see it already, with the intention of going through it again over the weekend. But Lucy is so energetic and passionate, she just activates you. And I had ideas of exactly what I could do. What, where, how to write, arguments, questions, I had to write everything right away because I really had my head full of great things that are applicable.
I’ve seen and heard several different tips/tricks/tested advice/… (fill in the blank)
Seen. Heard. And it didn’t even touch me. It was so general and unspecific that you’d think, yeah, that would be fine, but… When someone wanted to go into action, he realized he didn’t know how to do it.
This video is a „must have“ for all entrepreneurs. Quick, clear and actionable.
And next time I don’t know what to do, I’m definitely buying her mentoring because this woman must do a crazy amount of stuff in an hour.
Patricia Zakova