Find your business ikigai and shoot up

Find your business ikigai

Imagine your ideal day:

You do what you love.
Have time and money for everything you need and want.
You are the master of your time.

That´s what it feels like when you find your IKIGAI and run business about it.

Find your ikigai and make ikigai business
with business mentor and ikigai coach Lucie Bubak.

Find your ikigai and make business about it

Do you want to be an entrepreneur, experience freedom, joy, money and time independence?

But you don´t know exactly in what area to make a business?

  • Something that makes you exited?
  • Something that allows you to live in flow?
  • Something that makes you money?
  • Something that brings you joy and freedom to your life?

Let´s find it together in the IKIGAI coaching-mentoring program

6 online meetings (60 minutes)

usually once every 14 days

We will start finding and refining your IKIGAI. And once we have it, we´ll get the business going.

Usually it is 4 meetings of IKIGAI search and then practical business steps.

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