Take the 1st step to finding your business ikigai

Do you want a business but don't exactly know in what area?

Do you want to make a living doing something you are good at and love?

And at the same time, do you want to get paid well for it?

Find your business

2nd - 8th January 2023

7 days - first step
to the NEXT LEVEL of your LIFE

Ikigai – a Japanese concept that combines what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs from you and what people are willing to pay you for. 

The crossing of these areas is called IKIGAI.

 When you find it, you’ll be shown the way to your dream life and business.
Find your business ikigai

Take the First Step towards your Dream Life and Business

In this free challenge, we’ll start with Step 1:

We’ll discover what you love and start looking for ways to create your new business. 

We’ll look at what you love from different angles, from various sides. You’ll get to know yourself so well that we’ll start brainstorming what your new business could be.

Want to find your business ikigai? Join the free challenge and start!

The 7-day free challenge will take place in a closed Facebook group – starting from January 2nd 2023. 

New year, the new episode for your business life.

I’ll tell you my story. I’ll show you self-discovery techniques and I’ll advise you on how to start a business.

And who am I? 

I am a business mentor, strategist and ikigai coach

I deal with starting and upgrading businesses. 

I have worked with hundreds of clients and my superpower is to see money where others can’t. 

Business mentor and strategist lucie bubak dedkova

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